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Cannabis gift box, 420 gift

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This ultimate cannabis lovers gift box includes

- One 9 oz candle with the sayings that are pictured in option 1 through 6.

- The back of the candle can be personalized with a message to the recipient on the back label.

- Also included in the box is one glass storage jar with an airtight bamboo lid, size: (with lid) 3.12’ height and 2.56’ opening, 7oz, decorated with a vinyl leaf sticker. The storage jar can also be personalized on the back with a name or any personalized message to the recipient.

- The box also includes a 4 oz Hide That Smell room spray that is an odor eliminator with enzymes that cleans the air of smoke and odors.

- You will also receive 10 stick incense

-  4 leaf shaped wax melts.

Please note that the candle, incense sticks, and wax melt leaves will all come in the same scent that you choose for your scent theme. The room spray will only come in the Hide That Smell scent.

Ships free within the US.

To order:

🌻 Choose the label for your candle, option 1 or 6.   Choose your scent theme of your box. As stated above, the candle, incense, and wax melts will have the same scent theme from the options below.
🌻 Use the personalization section to have the back label of the candle and the back of the storage jar personalized. Please specify which personalization goes to the candle and which goes to the jar.

Choose your favorite fragrance for this unique gift box.

Please note that none of these fragrances have actual marijuana in them so they will not get you high.

Dalmatian sage and Australian eucalyptus with Spanish rosemary blend together for this soothing aromatic fragrance that will take you on a spiritual journey.

Cannabis and Exotic Spice is not your typical Cannabis fragrance. This fragrance has top notes of Nepal cannabis, green mandarin, and coriander. The heart notes consist of Chinese hemp seed, allspice and pepperberries, and it finishes with base notes of cassia root, black ashwood and patchouli leaves. Please note that this fragrance does not have the same effects as smoking cannabis and will not get you high.

Woodstock 69 This peace and love hippie fragrance is a beautiful blend with an earthy hint of patchouli and sweet smell of nag champa.

Note Profile:
Top: Cinnamon
Middle: Blueberry
Base: Cream, Graham Cracker, Vanilla


Hide That Smell
Citrus notes of lemon and bergamot blended with notes of strong green clover and lilies that eliminate bad odors.

Dragons Blood
Feel like you are relaxing underneath the Dragon’s Blood tree and get lost in dreamland with this scent that is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, orange, and patchouli for a blend of sweet and spicy.

Note Profile:
Top: Orange
Middle: Rose
Base: Cedar

 -The high quality of the soy wax used in these candles makes them burn cleaner and longer than paraffin-based candles, meaning you'll get more use out of them and produce less soot.

-Eco-friendly wicks complete the picture of a sustainable product that helps you enjoy your favorite fragrances without harming the environment.
-The absence of dyes and phthalates means you can enjoy your candles without worry, knowing they're not exposing you to potentially harmful chemicals.
With these candles, you can enjoy a clean, long-lasting burn and peace of mind knowing that they're eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

Straight sided jar dimensions:
16 oz 3” (W) X 4” (H)
9 oz 2.5” (W) X 3.5” (H)
4 oz 2 3/8" (W) X 7/16" (H)